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About us

About BazarExpo




Passion can be described as a friendly or eager interest in or admiration of a proposal, cause, discovery, activity, or love, leading to a feeling of unusual excitement.


"Who is BazarExpo?

We may not be the top-ranked among our competitors, but we are dedicated colleagues who are committed to improving customer service through the following changes: "Embracing Challenges to Create Change" Our culture embodies BazarExpo, just like our services! What you see is what you get when it comes to our customer satisfaction policy!"




History of Beginning

We are a team with 33 years of experience in the oil & gas industries, maintenance, ERP projects, transportation, and marketing. Our extensive studies have led us to a new, complex idea: making goods and services accessible to customers through integrated platforms. Our studies at Sharif University and Isfahan University of Technology have helped us design an efficient and effective vision.


Our Vision

We are committed to helping our customers apply the 4S procedure to make smart life choices. In other words, the BazarExpo teams always aim to empower clients to search smart, save money, and be happy!



What we really do?


1) Show all services offered by specialists and skilled professionals in your required fields.

2) Display all products provided by vendors, producers, and manufacturers.

3) Offer a web search engine that assists you in finding your requirements across different platforms simultaneously. This feature is planned for the future.




Cooperate with Us!


What can we do for you?




⊕ Support 24/7

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Over x Satisfied Customers



Our team
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E. A.S. F.S. A.
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